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All-State Band
Congratulations to Elaine Dean for placing in the 2019 All-State Band.  Ellie is only the third Rivercrest student since 2004 to qualify for All-State.

Sr. High All-Region Results
Elaine Dean - 1st Band 3rd Chair
Victoria Beckett - 1st Band 8th Chair
Alex Poag - 1st Band 9th Chair
Jackson Hudson - 2nd Band 2nd Chair
Brayden McCall - 2nd Band 3rd Chair
Cheyenne Chancery - 2nd Band 13th Chair 

Jr. High All-Region Results
Elijah Wynne - 1st Band 5th Chair
Marissa Crawford - 2nd Band 3rd Chair
William Beckett - 2nd Band 7th Chair
Sara Ford - 2nd Alternate
Kelci Crawford - 5th Alternate